2023 Lineup

Strategy (10:00PM - 11:00PM)


Strategy is Paul Dickow, Portland based musician, DJ, and record label operator. For 20 years, Dickow’s music has appeared on cult favorite labels such as Idle Hands, 100% Silk, Peak Oil, and Further Records. On Strategy records, Dickow blends a broad range of influences from noise and musique concrete to house and bass music, warping and corroding them until the familiar forms blossom into strange new landscapes of color and texture.

Lori Goldston (9:15PM - 9:45PM)

Lori Goldston

Classically trained and rigorously de-trained, possessor of a restless, semi-feral spirit, Lori Goldston is a cellist, composer, improvisor, producer, writer and teacher from Seattle. Her voice as a cellist, amplified or acoustic, is full, textured, committed and original. A relentless inquirer, her work drifts freely across borders that separate genre, discipline, time and geography. She is a cellist, composer, producer, writer, and teacher who has collaborated with artists such as Nirvana, Earth, David Byrne, Terry Riley and many more.

Patricia Wolf (8:15PM - 9:00PM)

Patricia Wolf

Patricia Wolf is a musician, sound designer, and DJ residing in Portland, Oregon. Wolf uses electronics, voice, and field recordings to produce non-linear compositions that draw listeners to a hypnotic inner world. Her use of melody and repetition manipulate the listeners' perception of time, conjuring vivid textures, and atmospheres.

enereph (7:00PM - 7:45PM)

enereph is a prismatic being whose expression is like water spreading to the edges of changing containers. She speaks with an ecosystem of modular synths, samplers, and drum machines, bringing forth intricate textures generated from field recordings and found sounds. Drawing inspiration from mythology and the mundane, her music weaves together highly interpretable, site-specific, and ephemeral stories.

Selene (6:15PM - 6:45PM)


Selene (fka Aos) is a DJ, producer, and event organizer from Seattle. They are affiliated with the collective, secondnature, and have worked on a breadth of projects ranging from underground parties, to community-centered events, and educational workshops. Musically, they are drawn to texture, melody, and voice and the ways in which these things are expressed through technology-driven genres with a focus in techno, breaks, and ambient/experimental. Their sets are playful, genre-bending, and expressive.

Their upcoming set for ground hum is called “Water Worlds” and centers around field recordings from the Mediterranean, voice, and synthesis, as well as their first ever visual piece. This set was inspired by the beauty and captivating nature of water and how this juxtaposes with the ways in which climate change makes us more aware of this integral resource and the threatening nature of our changing relationship to it - both in times of over abundance and scarcity.

IVVY & Pascal (5:15PM - 6:00PM)

IVVY is extremely honored to be returning to the Ground Hum stage. This time with an all new duo performance featuring Pascal on electric bass guitar and effects. Expect blissful rhythmic world building via improvisation.

tondiue (4:15PM - 5:00PM)


tondiue is the vessel conveying the musical expressions of Seattleite Cameron Kelley. These expressions take form as DJ sets, live performances, and productions that span a wide range of psychedelic sounds blending deep listening, ecstatic dance, and the roots of afrofuturistic sound design. Hypnotic rhythms, expansive atmospheres and rich textural detail coalesce into the transcendental energy of the tondiue sonic environment. Outside of the tondiue zone, Cameron operates record label and party series Apt E alongside co-founder and longtime collaborator Max. Apt E has been making waves in the Seattle underground since 2017, hosting a number of all-nighters at off-the-beaten-path locations in and around the city, while proudly providing a platform to press records that shine a spotlight on talent around the Puget Sound.

'nohup' (3:30PM - 4:00PM)


'nohup' is a DJ, producer, multimedia artist and community builder based out of Seattle, WA.Their work engages with the spiritual practice of communion through music and the conflicting emotions these shared experiences evoke: laughter and anguish, ecstasy and fear. They operate the label `illegal afters tracks` and perform under the names ‘sighup’, DJ Kaaba Emoji, and others.

Hans Anderson (2:45PM - 3:15PM)

Hans Anderson’s work explores the space between the imagined environments he creates with sound and the physical space in which that sound is experienced. He works with field recordings and synthesis to reveal the beauty in the mundane.

Dance perfomance by Maia Durfee and Alethea Alexander (10:00PM - 11:00PM)

Maia Melene Durfee

Maia Melene Durfee is a contemporary and house dancer and  choreographer in Seattle. They work with musicians and mixed media artists to create worlds of movement that are full of visceral texture and abstract thought. They’re interested in things that are intricate, vivid, and blank.

Alethea is a Seattle-based dance artist and educator. Community, sensuality, care, effort and collaboration are central tenets of her creative work with dance partners human, object and sonic. She is co-founder and teaching artist with Ballet Rituals offering queered ballet technique for Seattle dancers. She also teaches with Dance Undercurrent, University of Washington, Cornish College, and Dance Church.

Art Installations by:

  • Gia Valente - From the club to the underground, if you've attended a Seattle techno show in the last 7 years you've likely experienced one of over 50 environmental art installations by Ground Hum organizer Gia Valente 🌈🫠🌊
  • Kate Van Ness


Design by Simone Pierson

Sound by Alex Markey and Madi Levine